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From ski racer to ski service woman:

Even as a young ski racer, I dealt with perfectly prepared skis.

Since taking over the business of Skiservice Hasliberg in 2012, I have had one heart's desire: to use a wax that does not contain any fluorine additives, yet adheres perfectly and is also very fast.

Our small wax hut is located on the Mägisalp on the Hasliberg, right in the ski area. During the service work we want to avoid endangering our health with fluorine vapors. This is how the idea for a new, fluorine-free wax came about, which was then developed and implemented with motivated partners. The test phase started in 2017 and was completed in 2019 with a first product. Viewed in this way, the Hasliberg ski service is the birthplace of uberschallwax .

In the winter of 2019, the product " uberschallwax" was officially sold for the first time. The large amount of positive feedback and good experiences motivated us to develop an additional liquid wax for the following winter and add it to our range.

With uberschallwax , a product has been created that optimally supports manual work in ski service operations. It is still traditionally waxed with an iron, which guarantees the loyal ski fans from Skiservice Hasliberg a real driving experience with permanently maintained ski surfaces.

uberschallwax – official wax station at Skiservice Hasliberg!

Photo by diegoschlaeppi.com

In the winter of 2017/18, Reto got wind that Katja was testing her own wax mixtures at Skiservice Hasliberg. That immediately fascinated him. That's why, before snowboarding, he stopped by her more and more often to apply the latest compound to his zen .

He quickly realized that this wax was something special. When removing and brushing out, the wax shone greasy on the base. And it took a lot longer before he had to wax his board again - not to mention the gliding properties.

Reto wanted to know: Fully "supersonically waxed" he competed against the best all-mountain snowboarders in the world at the legendary Mt. Baker Banked Slalom in the USA last winter. When he qualified directly for the final in the first qualifier, there was great joy. A few weeks later he was able to record what is probably his biggest win to date at the Laax Sudden Rush Banked Slalom .

A quality feature of Zen snowboards are the ultra-fast bases and the extensive stone grinding. Being able to supply a wax system without fluorine in the future is the perfect addition to his boards. Since last winter, Zen snowboards are proudly shipped with uberschallwax.

Photo by David Birri